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The Attacks of 26/11

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The Attacks of 26/11 is a 2013 Hindi crime-thriller film, based on the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, the film had a worldwide release on 1 March 2013. The film stars Sanjeev Jaiswal who plays the role of terrorist Ajmal Kasab, with art direction by Uday Singh. A seven minute promo of the film was released over internet on 23 November 2012.Wikipedia

The Attacks of 26/11 Reviews


It's a chapter in Mumbai's history that we'll never forget, so a movie on the attacks should have left you more than just comfortably numb.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


It had the potential to be both smart procedural, and spiffy action, but '26/11' sinks somewhere in the middle.

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


The Attacks of 26/11 is a powerful subject watered down by ineffective story-telling. This could have and should have been so much more.

I have a headache. My ears are still ringing. The nausea is just about abating. Post-traumatic stress disorder after seeing a movie called The Attacks of 26/11.

Ram Gopal Varma is still not back to his best and The Attacks of 26/11 isn’t an unqualified triumph. But it is certainly watchable.

Madhureeta Mukherjee
Times Of India


The date is unforgettable. When terror scarred the face of Mumbai in one blood-soaked gash of death and mass destruction. Held to ransom, ravaged by horror, imbued with venom of a genocidal mass murder that made us all question - 'Why? Why Us?'


We have seen it too many times, the quotes from the Holy religious texts being explained to the wrongdoer after the deed is done. We see it here again. That said, in the aftermath of the recent Hyderabad blasts; see this just to know the larger picture.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


THE ATTACKS OF 26/11 is akin to watching the barbaric act in rawest form. The film not only chronicles the terror attacks, but also pays homage to the sentiments of the people of India and especially the heroes and victims of 26/11. A powerful retelling of a regrettable event in history. Do not miss this one!


The film helps one understand the complete crumbling of intelligence and the state of our policemen on beat, most with just laathis. One scene at the Leopold Cafe highlights this with two cops lobbing stones into the cafe after the terrorists have moved on. They have just their laathis with them. A stark display of how unarmed and vulnerable our policemen are.


It is a film that is completely performance driven. I would like to throw a word of praise for the casting director here. Debutante Sanjeev Jaiswal, as one of the two key members of the cast, has worked extremely well to portray Ajmal Kasab`s character onscreen. For Nana, this film substantiates the fact that he can pull off thoughtful, powerful and serious roles like a pro.

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