• Shalini Langer
    Shalini Langer
    Indian Express


    Emily Blunt brings such a raw, pained, mortified portrait of an alcoholic to live that it’s a shame that the filmmakers fail to recognise this as essentially her story.

  • If you like morbid whodunit thrillers that make you feel like you are trapped in a dark room with no glimmer of hope whatsoever; this brutal, twisted and voyeuristic tale is bound to leave you gasping for breath.

  • It’s entirely up to Emily Blunt to save the film from becoming just another ‘Gone Girl’ wannabe. It’s largely her well-endowed, entirely relatable performance that lends memorability to the experience while rescuing it from being just another serviceable thriller.

  • As far as thrillers go, The Girl on the Train works hard to make every player seem suspicious but the result isn’t as juicy or caustic as Gone Girl, a hit adaptation in roughly the same genre.

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    The Girl on the Train may not be at par with the October 2014 released thriller Gone Girl, in terms of an enthralling experience, but is nevertheless exciting.

  • For lovers of thrillers that unfold slowly, for people who don’t rush for the popcorn or their mobile phone while watching a movie in a theatre, The Girl on the Train is a wonderful watch.

  • The Paula Hawkins bestseller about gender battles and domestic violence is reduced to a thriller, and a not very effective one at that.

  • Murder. Infidelity. Copious amounts of alcohol. Unreliable narrators. Just good old-fashioned tawdry entertainment. What’s not to like?