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Kaanchi is a story of the inner power of a woman who represents millions of suppressed youth against injustice in the country. It is also the story of an innocent rural beauty and her fight against power.Wikipedia

Kaanchi Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


This may have had power 40 years back. Now it is just tired, and jaded.

Parmita Uniyal
Hindustan Times


Overall Kaanchi has a soul that is lacking in a lot of films today. It has a message also, which one can take back home. What it lacks is the grip, the magic and the experience of a Bollywood film.

Kaanchi must have read important on paper but it's complete baloney on celluloid.

Kaanchi is strictly for old time’s sake.

Meena Iyer
Times of India


Kaanchi goes from Koshampa to Mumbai to seek revenge. In what is the most childish plot ever, she masquerades as a domestic help in the Kakda household. She conducts a sting operation, throws open a can of worms and blows the cover on this family, who have political leanings and havala earnings. And by the time she's done with her Mother India act, you're too tired to seek reason.

Standing out like a sore thumb in todays crowd of smartly written scripts and performance driven films, Kaanchi struggles to make her own identity.


The film is a love revenge saga that may entice you only into phases. While the music is complete downer, there is less to look forward to in this film. If you are a person high on optimism, this film may impress you with its positivity and underlined message. Kaanchi could have been Ghai’s Rang De Basanti had the script been strong enough.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


KAANCHI could've been a riveting fare, but doesn't rise beyond the ordinary in the final tally.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


There was a time when a new Subhash Ghai film was a major event but for a considerable time now, it goes off just as a whimper. Most of the Hindi film directors have not been able to adapt with the changing times and Ghai, once dubbed as the showman is no different.


At two hours and twenty minutes, Kaanchi feels like a gruelling cinematic ride. You’re teased with A-list shot taking and composition and but served an amateur narrative and story. It just doesn’t have the magic of a Subhash Ghai film. Legends don’t make average fare.

Kaanchi lacks what Taal had: soul. The film seems to be in an unnecessary hurry and to be fair, its running time shouldn’t have exceeded two hours.

Overall, Kaanchi the rural beauty who fights for justice through her inner power with the unethical and unjust is a film worth a watch, Big budget film Kaanchi will make its box office entry with a big bang!!

This is a vapid filmmaking exercise, done simply for the sake of launching a new heroine and executed by pulling favours from old friends and junior associates. It’s an example of the kind of cinema that Bollywood needs to leave behind as soon as possible if it wants to appeal to a younger, smarter audience. It may be time for Ghai to hang up his boots before he destroys what remains of his legacy any further, and let his students take over. Surely they can’t do a worse job than this?

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


... an entertaining fare but its terribly dull start is a dampener because a major pick-up is ruled out for three reasons – absence of star faces in the romantic lead, absence of any novelty in the script, and absence of superhit songs in a film introducing a new girl. It will, therefore, entail heavy losses.

Mansha Rastogi


...the once upon a time Showman of the film industry Subhash Ghai falters completely in putting together a great show in Kaanchi. Watch it only if you have absolutely nothing else to do.

The film ends with (believe it or not) synchronized dancing. Yes, it’s that kind of a movie. But the film is not a total let-down. It has an interesting protagonist, an arresting story (sadly told in a simplistic fashion), and some effective moments. The gripe is this could have been a far, far better film. Too bad, really.

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