• What are you waiting for? Don’t waste a sec. Grab your tickets now and make the most of this weekend!

  • On the whole, Vicky Donor is an entertaining fare. Go for it!

  • VICKY DONOR is not your typical Bollywood film. It is different. Daringly different. John Abraham has done well to partner as producer in this film that should generate a good Box Office return!

  • Prateeksha Khot
    Prateeksha Khot


    Hats off to John Abraham for supporting such a wonderful movie. In an age where the people forget the movie the moment you step out of the cinema hall, Vicky Donor makes sure you walk off the theatres with a smile on your face revisiting the scenes with your friends. A great weekend treat; don’t miss it.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, VICKY DONOR is a small film with a big heart. The makers have had the courage to bring a diverse issue out in the open, narrating a daringly different story without getting preachy. Witty, funny and also emotional, VICKY DONOR is forward-thinking, progressive commercial cinema which vastly enlightens and hugely entertains!

  • Anupama Chopra
    Anupama Chopra
    Hindustan Times


    What doesn’t work as well is the love story (though the Bengali-Punjabi parental clash is laugh-out-loud funny) and the resolution of Vicky’s thorny problem. Sircar wants to make a case for sperm donation but the film falters when it moves into preachy melodrama. Still, there is much to like here, including Khurrana’s performance though I’m still figuring out what was going on with the pink lips!

    Check out Vicky Donor. It’s a nice surprise.

  • Vicky Donor loses some of its sperm, er steam, in the second half when the sentimental, ethical reasoning creeps in, it feels a bit avoidable and protracted. Except by then you have begun to care too much for these characters and its unassuming vibe to create a ruckus.

  • Madhureeta Mukherjee
    Madhureeta Mukherjee
    Times Of India


    What keeps this film together is the solid supporting cast. Annu Kapoor, in a convincing performance, is bankable as ever. He only speaks sperm language, referring to men as ‘complicated sperm’, ‘confused sperm’, et al, and giving advice on how to ‘up’ the count. Dolly Ahluwalia, plays the dominating mother and saas-serving bahu with melodrama and laughable lines. The unforgettable act is Kamlesh Gill, lighting up every scene with sasuma-like sarcasm, interspersed with witty one-liners and a drunken scene that cracks you up.

  • Large-hearted and generously endowed with moments that you take away with you from the film even as John Abraham comes on screen for an irrelevant song and dance item, the film is the surprise entertainer of the year. It is the warmest, funniest most sensible and sparkling comedy in a very long time. In Shoojit Sircar’s vision every single actor shines with a glorious naturalness. Ayushmann is effortlessly the discovery of the year.

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    The repetitions, including the different ways you can define “spurrm”, get annoying. Some of the emotional parts get soggy, and the climax, ahem, is contrived. But Vicky Donor’s delights outweigh the not-so-good stuff: give me a Bollywood hero who pulls off a pedicure without prurience, and I will tell you, go see this film.

  • Run to the nearest theatre and surrender yourself to the charm of Vicky and his team. This “Aryaputra” provides only good quality sperm…err… entertainment.

  • Overall, ‘Vicky Donor’ is a lighthearted fun film, which meets expectations. It definitely deserves a watch.