• Nihit Bhave
    Nihit Bhave
    Times Of India


    This is the great debut that has come seven years into Sonakshi’s career. And for that, you must go meet Noor at theatre.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    For all its flaws, Noor still gets some basic truths bang on. It’s themes of love life and not hate it, and its play on kindness and compassion are its big victories. When the film presents the big bad world and its problems from a shallow teenage perspective, it feels wrong. But when it gets intimate and presents Noor as a bundle of contradictions and emotions, Noor just feels like bright summer sunlight. This film has some great ideas. Thankfully the dodgy execution and lack of depth in writing don’t spoil it all. For the casual viewer, Noor serves up a refreshing new story. One that has a solid heart of gold.

  • Vishal Verma
    Vishal Verma


    NOOR is an endearing lovable hoor (women) waiting at your nearest screen that shows Sonakshi Sinha in her top form. She is clumsy, confused but charming oozing with positivity and lots of fun. Do make a date with this NOOR. CHASME BADDOR. – See more at: http://www.glamsham.com/movies/reviews/noor-movie-review.asp#sthash.SD8FKKZ8.dpuf

  • Noor’s life that way is meant to mirror the urbane, liberal, progressive, metropolitan upper middle-class. As for her work, as I said, there are several colleagues in my newsroom who have stories like hers, if not better, and might actually want to make this film. This sense of recognition can be rankling. Throughout, you can’t help but wonder how much better this movie could’ve been. But then, like journalism, this film should be seen for what it is. And hey it isn’t bad at all.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Noor is not one  of the best films on journalistic ethics. It doesn’t do to the contemporaryMumbai media world what the Paul Newman-Sally Field  starrer Absence Of Malice did  30 years ago . It pricks at the conscience in a rather undemanding way. Noor takes  sly and slender satirical swipes at sensationalism in journalism , more delectable for its many jibes than the actual prick at the conscience.

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Noor has its flaws, and it certainly isn’t this year’s Queen, if you really want to get into comparison mode. But Noor still manages to endear to you with its light-hearted, fresh treatment and Sonakshi Sinha’s winning performance, if you don’t attach too many expectations.

  • IANS


    Overall, the minor lapses in the portrayal of journalism as a profession, notwithstanding, ‘Noor’ is an enjoyable, breezy film which pivots around strong issues but is light-hearted too.

  • Watch this if you are in the mood for an enjoyable feel-good film.

  • Noor is not path breaking cinema. But it’s not regressive as well. It tries too hard man. But it has some well-written scenes too. It gets unnecessarily lengthy. But it does have a message at the end. Yeah, a message that comes after much drama and deliberation.