• Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    Hrithik does all the heavy lifting and remains the only bright spot in this dispirited mess of a movie. He still has the moves. What he needs is a plot.

  • If you’re a die-hard Hrithik Roshan fan, it’s a good weekend watch for you. If you aren’t, you’ll still not mind watching this usual run of the mill film.

  • Rohit Vats
    Rohit Vats
    Hindustan Times


    Kaabil is not extraordinary, but it has all the elements of a ‘masala’ potboiler. The catch is that it’s been dished out in a typical Bollywood style which may not give it a novelty. But there isn’t any particular reason for not watching it.

  • Rohit Bhatnagar
    Rohit Bhatnagar
    Deccan Chronicle


    The highpoint of ‘Kaabil’ is that, the plot of the film is very okay but the screenplay is intelligently played out. The film won’t bore you even for a second. ‘Kaabil’ is overwhelming, magical and a feel good film. The film is one of the most interesting revenge sagas made in the recent times.

  • Kaabil serves nothing beyond an unabashed platform to vaunt a seething Hrithik, sentimental Hrithik, snarky Hrithik, sly Hrithik or spry Hrithik…

  • Some of the action seems far-fetched and the way Rohan uses his ability to mimic voices in order to create disarray among the cops and the thugs is near-farcical.

    Yet, when he gets down to committing the perfect crime, leaving no trace behind of the destructive act, Kaabil acquires some momentum and heft.

  • Meena Iyer
    Meena Iyer
    Times Of India


    Technically the film is adept, Thanks to with masters like Sudeep Chatterjee (camera) and Resul Pookutty(sound). However Rajesh Roshan’s yesteryear hits—saara zamana and dil kya karen in their remixed avatars are pale imitations of their original versions.

  • “Kaabil” may not be in the class of 2015’s “Badlapur” when it comes to exploring the nature of vendetta, but it doesn’t discredit the genre either, and the credit should rest on the shoulders of its leading man. 

  • Sarita Tanwar
    Sarita Tanwar
    DNA India


    Kaabil is old-school, emotional and forceful. And an absolute must for all Hrithik Roshan fans. And if you aren’t his fan, you might feel differently after this film

  • Suhani Singh
    Suhani Singh
    India Today


    The boy-meets-girl story of the first half hour is a cloying affair. Rajesh Roshan’s dated soundtrack consists songs that drag the proceedings. It doesn’t help that Gupta, who hearts item numbers in clubs, throws in a terrible one in “Saara Zamaana”. The sudden mawkish tone in between the action furthermore disrupts Kaabil. Much like Mohenjo Daro, which showed that one man alone cannot save a civilisation, Hrithik Roshan alone cannot save the film.

  • Kaabil is no where near perfect! Strictly for die-hard Hrithik fans who want to wash off Mohenjo Daro memories.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Both halves put together Kaabil serves up a staple fare of romance, action and drama. There’s some peppy music on offer as well. But none of the film’s frills match up to the Hrithik Roshan’s efforts. He carries this film on his capable shoulders. His perfectly nuanced performance is the reason you’ll enjoy the thrills of Kaabil.       

  • Vishal Verma
    Vishal Verma


    Technically it’s a mix bag where we see some tacky CGI developed outdoors and the music by Rajesh Roshan who otherwise reserves his best for his home banner disappoints. – See more at: http://www.glamsham.com/movies/reviews/kaabil-movie-review.asp#sthash.pwpeOwvY.dpuf

  • There is a lot of realism missing in what’s supposed to be a gritty thriller. Locations seem semi-fake. In portions, the film itself appears slightly cold, and thoda sa plastic.
    But if you were to keep your eyes glued to the screen and follow the blind man’s graphite walking stick right down to the picture’s climax, I’m fairly certain you won’t be disappointed. Yeah, it is, for the most part, kaabil-e-tareef!

  • If you are able to look past many of these niggles it’s thank to Hrithik Roshan’s committed performance which keeps you rooting for his Rohan all the way.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta's Blog


    Kaabil is an entertaining fare with some great performances. It will do well at the box-office.

  • Manisha Lakhe
    Manisha Lakhe


    A blind couple is terrorised by local goons: the wife is raped and the cops are unhelpful because the perpetrator is the brother of a local politician. The young blind man decides to take the law into his own hands. No one takes him seriously because of his disability. But he takes his revenge slowly and surely and the police are unable to pin the murders of the rapists on him. This revenge drama is perhaps Hrithik Roshan’s best work, but hampered by a deathly slow pace.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    Don’t go in expecting major plot twists, but you will be surprised at the ingenuity of the plot. The movie is perfectly crafted, and you leave feeling satisfied that the justice was served. 

  • Tushar Joshi
    Tushar Joshi
    Bollywood Life


    Kaabil is Hrithik Roshan‘s swan song and deservedly so becomes his career best performance. Watch and marvel at what can easily be termed as the finest performance to come out of Bollywood in a long time.

  • A somewhat relaxed performance from Hrithik Roshan is the only watchable thing in this dull, dim-witted revenge drama

  • IANS


    Kaabil is a film about love and its abrupt send-off. It is a violent film. But the emphasis is on the damage done to the soul of the wronged man. It must be seen for Hrithik Roshan’s incredibly moving performance and for the unexpected glimpse it provides into its director’s romantic personality.

  • FullyHyd Team
    FullyHyd Team
    Fully Hyderabad


    Kaabil has most of the right ingredients for a thriller – a cerebral protagonist, clever fight sequences, some scattered wit, brilliant casting and immersive screenplay among others. The fight choreography and methodologies, and Rohan’s whole blind-fighter role have the bearing of Daredevil or Batman. A little meandering in the direction in the second half, the pointless item number and some holes in logic at the end spoil what might otherwise been a remarkable film, but Kaabil is still worth a one-time watch.

  • What redeems this drama is swift revenge ideas and Roshan’s brawn and some brains. There’s a lot of gore to be enjoyed in the second half.
    Watch this if you are a fan of Roshan and you are in the mood for a love story laced with some stylised, bloody action.

  • Madhuri


    Kaabil may not have nothing new to offer but it’s Hrithik Roshan’s sincere act that wins you over and keeps you rooting for him till the end. In a nutshell, this game of hide-and-seek is worth-a-try!

  • What doesn’t work is the pace! It is awfully slow and between one scene and another, there is a light years’ gap. The superfluous dance numbers are nothing more than Rajesh Roshan going back to his young years to end the secret of his magic. The VFX work is shoddy and Gupta’s tinted Instagram-filterish view of every scene could get a bit tiring. Since the editing has its own share of flaws, the film in the second half makes you dreary.

  • In ‘Kaabil’, Hrithik Roshan is much too capable as the blind hero
    Sanjay Gupta’s vendetta thriller works because of its childish simplicity and the leading man’s exertions.

  • “Kaabil” is classic commercial cinema and will find many takers thanks to the all-powerful word-of-mouth despite the slow start.

  • Prithviraj Dev
    Prithviraj Dev


    Kaabil isn’t the shipwreck it had been made out to be. But that isn’t saying much, as despite going in with seriously low expectations it will be difficult to justify spending a national holiday watching this film that extends to a run time of just over two hours.