• ‘Katti Batti’ has some nice tracks (by Shankar Ehsaan Loy), slick production design, and stray moments of wit. But its merits are far outweighed by its numerous contrivances, and by its hollow writing that only appears modern on paper. The film’s inventive 4-minute opening scene shot on a handicam offers promise, but little that follows lives up to it.

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    Kangana and Imran spend the film engaged in the most inane of doings…Imran Khan is pleasant and earnest, Kangana Ranaut has knocked it out of the park a couple of times while playing feisty, and is capable of mining real emotions even in the fakest of films.

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen


    Katti Batti is an imbecilic, cliche-ridden embarrassment that made me want to punch it in the mouth…

  • Rohit Vats
    Rohit Vats
    Hindustan Times


    Boy meets girl and together they bore us…First Hero and now Katti Batti, director Nikhil Advani has delivered two back-to-back duds in consecutive weeks. In fact, Katti Batti makes Hero appear like a good film.

  • Suparna Sharma
    Suparna Sharma
    Deccan Chronicle


    About 10 minutes into Katti Batti, I started having violent thoughts. These thoughts intensified when I recalled photos of Aamir Khan crying phoot-phoot ke after watching Katti Batti a few days ago. Aamir Khan, Imran Khan’s mama or chacha or whatever, should have at least tweeted that those were tears of deep frustration. That he was howling because he had been impaled for over two hours by this nonsense. He didn’t. And that’s partly why my violent thoughts turned into an urge when the film shamelessly went weepy and sentimental.

  • Shreya Thakur
    Shreya Thakur
    Deccan Chronicle


    Katti Batti does have a few surprises and not all of them are pleasant. The production values are very high, the film is well stylised and a very good looking product on the whole. If you like a string of beautiful visuals with good looking people and don’t care much for a story, then you could try Katti Batti. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

  • Katti Batti is infuriatingly indecisive… Even a radiant Kangana cannot rescue it.

  • …what the director does not realise is that too much masala could spoil his film, at least for the audience.

    Overall, the tragedy of Katti Batti lies in the fault of its director.

  • Srijana Mitra Das
    Srijana Mitra Das
    Times Of India


    Somewhere between glossy ad, glassy music video, sitcom and masala movie, Katti Batti leaves you pouting. This could’ve had the lusty, gutsy power of a full-blown French kiss – it ends up a pleasant but passing peck on the cheek.

  • “Katti Batti” is a film that tries too hard to be “cool” and ends up falling on its face.

  • Tushar Joshi
    Tushar Joshi
    DNA India


    Katti Batti has a promising start, but a weak script and some run of the mill moments kills the chances of it turning into something worth your time and money.

  • Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut’s Katti Batti, directed by Nikhil Advani, gives a strong sense of been there, seen that….you might as well skip Katti Batti and do something more worthwhile this weekend. Those are 2 hours of your life spent wondering when you’ll be able to walk out of the theatre. Unless you want to be subjected to the ‘F’ of ‘FOSLA’.

  • Katti Batti is a stale, boring and insensible film that seems like a mockery at love and relationships, thanks to its crassness.

  • …due to its weak script and non-engaging narrative, KATTI BATTI will face ‘katti’ from the audience at the box-office.

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    Katti Batti is one of those aspiring rom- coms with a dash of sentimentality thrown in – effectively it is more of a slap than a dash, as the screenplay nosedives towards self destruction. What starts off breezily ends up huffing and puffing as it approaches the finishing line.

  • ‘Katti Batti’ is an immensely boring film. And what is infinitely more disappointing is that director Nikhil Advani has managed to rope in Bollywood’s reigning queen for this job and yet fails to deliver on expectations.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Director Nikhil Advani’s efforts in making Katti Batti are pretty evident. His film looks top notch with its visuals as well as detailing all on mark. The opening credits done with the stop motion video is a nice touch too. It’s just the total turnaround from being a quirky romance to a weepy love saga seems a bit jarred. The humour doesn’t work at all. The music is just about okay as well. It could all have been slightly better, but even so, what plays out on screen is largely good enough for fans of the romantic genre.

  • It’s difficult to believe that we are seeing such inane stuff on screen from a director who gave us D-DAY. If at all Nikhil wanted the script to tug at one’s heart, he should have seen ANKHIYON KE JHAROKHON SE 10 times and then redone the movie.

    Indeed, this is FOSLA KA GHOSLA!

  • Suprateek Chatterjee
    Suprateek Chatterjee


    A Lukewarm Mess …Katti Batti, feels like a manipulated product. There are two different stories at odds here: one that attempts to investigate why a relationship went sour and another about two people dealing with a crisis that affects their relationship. They may sound like similar things, but they aren’t.

  • Imran Khan is sincere. Kangana has by now proved that she’s a brilliant actress, but here she seems to be faltering a bit as if she is desperately looking for a firm footing in terms of a convincing character. And then she shines in the last ten minutes of the film, yet again leaving us in no doubt about what she is capable of. In fact, the last ten odd minutes of the film keeps you hooked to the screen. But obviously that is not enough at all.

  • Subhash K Jha
    Subhash K Jha


    Katti Batti is not a great film. But it’s done with a lot of heart. There are many limp episodes in the plot, and marginal actors who come and go preteding to be more important to the plot than they really are. But it all holds together at the end. Because love, you see, conquers all . Specially when it comes from a sincere place in the heart.

  • Kangana Ranaut and Imran Khan’s ‘Katti Batti’ isn’t fun…Nikhil Advani’s rom-com is inspired by Hollywood tales…

  • Everyone’s a lunatic in this boring love story with Kangana and Imran…

  • Gayatri Gauri
    Gayatri Gauri


    For those ever hopeful ones who are star struck by Kangana Ranaut’s brilliance in Tanu Weds Manu Returns, brace yourselves for the tragedy of the year. All you get to see in Katti Batti are Ranaut’s dozen bangles, rings, anklets, a pretty tattoo, numerous wigs and her nice legs.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta's Blog


    Katti Batti lacks the depth of an intense love story and also lacks entertaining moments. Its tension-ridden climax is another minus point, from the box-office point of view. It will end up as a losing proposal as it fails to not only entertain but also emotionally move the audience.

  • Shishir Gautam
    Shishir Gautam


    Nikhil Advani sticks to a tried and exhausted route, yet getting it completely wrong. Katti Batti is not a copy of Hollywood’s 500 Days of Summer. Not even close. But it appears to be Nikkhil’s tribute to the film. And not a very good tribute.

  • Stutee Ghosh
    Stutee Ghosh


    Katti Batti is not flawless. It takes too long to come to the point which eventually becomes its undoing. In dire need of good editing and funnier dialogues, the film nevertheless has its heart in the right place.

  • Watch it for you might want to see some ‘Katti Batti’ moments this weekend. Be prepared for the unexpected!

  • Sweta Vinod
    Sweta Vinod


    With stylishly shot and eminently hummable songs, and its fair share of funny moments, this film is a welcome break from the action thrillers that have released recently. It aims to entertain throughout and never gets too serious or too intense.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    The comedy falls flat, the romance isn’t intriguing enough to make us feel for the boy or the girl plus the backward forward narration muddles the process.

    Imran Kangana look fresh. Both the lead have fallen prey to weak writing which is further marred by cliché mentality. It’s a rom com so college is a must. The lack of finesse in twining manipulative sugary emotions with reality as done by other makers is clearly missing.

  • Sreeju Sudhakaran
    Sreeju Sudhakaran
    Bollywood Life


    When I had seen the promos of the film, I had really great expectations from Katti Batti. But Nikhil Advani is in a cruel mood to disappoint us twice, after giving us a terrific D-Day. Watch this movie only if you are either a Imran Khan or Kangana Ranaut fan.

  • Uday Bhatia
    Uday Bhatia


    If Katti Batti didn’t go spectacularly off the rails, the worst thing one could say about it was that it bears an unacknowledged debt to Marc Webb’s (500) Days of Summer.

  • This is a film you wanted to like for various reasons, primarily that there hasn’t been a good Hindi film on our screens since long. And secondly for Kangna Ranaut who steals your heart with her performance, in spite of the fact that you struggle to understand her character’s behavior right till the end.

    Ah, it’s going to be some more waiting at the theatres, I guess. Watch it if you must for Ranaut’s crackerjack act.

  • No romance, zilch comedy in this rom-com. Should they stop trying so hard to remake movies and try their hand at some novel story-telling if not original stories?

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    An essential part of heartbreak films is the unsaid assurance that all will be well by the end. The only certainty here, is that this story of heartache will surely lead to a headache.

  • Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti is watch-able in parts thanks to some really good moments it produces. Imran and Kangana’s unusual pairing works well for the hatke story. The film-maker has his heart at the right place, but his choppy direction fails to make the audiences empathise with the lead characters and the trauma they suffer. In the end one must add that watch this movie because it is not your regular rom com. The inherent message of the narrative is as sincere as Kangy and Imran’s performances!

  • Katti Batti will simply bore you! Either you’ll spend your time crying over all the sad scenes or the fact that you bought the movie tickets. Katti Batti can be missed, watch at your own risk!

  • The trailer says it’s NOT a love story. The film is promoted with an interesting, twisted end. Err NOT! There is nothing new about the ending of the film. The only good thing about the ending was…that it ended.

  • Since the makers claimed that the film’s climax has a heartwrenching twist, here’s word of caution : the best thing about Katti Batti’s ‘gloomy’ ending is that you can finally go have aspirin for that nagging, hammering headache the film gave you. We have solid reasons to be cross with Katti Batti, do you?

  • The humour misses its mark and the romantic entanglement rarely locks into place. This is a rom-com low on rom as well as com.

  • …all said and done, there is nothing very special to mention about the film’s storyline as it is nothing new and films with such storyline have been made time and again in B-Town. ‘Katti Batti’ tends to get boring after a point of time and you might start getting weary and waiting for the film to end soon enough. The only saving grace for the film is it’s climax which might take you by surprise and towards the end, there are a few scenes which are heart-touching and which might leave you teary eyed.