• It’s exactly what a blockbuster should be. Hugely entertaining, without ever being dumb.
    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Bahubali given that I watched a Hindi dubbed version of the original Telugu film. Rajamouli is indeed a visual storyteller, and he brings the curtains down on this first part of his two-film saga with a curious cliffhanger. I can’t wait for Part 2, which comes next year.

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    SS Rajamouli’s film holds out many promises: of adventure and romance, love and betrayal, valour and weakness. And delivers magnificently on each of them.

  • Mihir Fadnavis
    Mihir Fadnavis
    Hindustan Times


    What really makes the film work is that it is, at its heart, a fast-paced adventure, fuelled by themes of questing and redemption. Prabhas is exceptional as the lead, hulking yet charming. Rana Daggubati is perfectly cast as the villain, his performance layered with subtlety and nuance.

  • Gautaman Bhaskaran
    Gautaman Bhaskaran
    Hindustan Times


    Baahubali, despite its epic dimensions — with a tendency to copy larger-than-life Hollywood heroic tales like Ben-Hur and Troy — fails at some level to draw us into the narrative. Even one of the first scenes of a huge statue being erected with the help of slaves works in a very limited way to capture audience attention or set the mood for images of flying swords and falling boulders.

  • Suparna Sharma
    Suparna Sharma
    Deccan Chronicle


    Rajamouli has reserved all the grander and grandstanding for later, after interval. That’s when the film stands up and begins to strut like an epic. The battle scenes are monumental in scale and accomplished in detail, but lacked urgency and tension. Prabhas has some fun scenes, like when he literally slaps a sharp sword, and the fighting is rather convincing. But the acting, especially of Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, is very action-man like — grimace, clench, flex… But then, what are burly men to do when they have to slit, slash, slit, slash… Here’s hoping that part two will have the emotional drama that was missing here.

  • Suresh Kavirayani
    Suresh Kavirayani
    Deccan Chronicle


    Finally, ‘Baahubali’ is a computer graphic dominated film with a weak subject. Though the makers and many have gone gaga over this film as this is an epic, visual wonder, ‘Baahubali’ is neither an epic nor a great one. It falls under a commercial film with computer graphics. More over these kind of folklore films have come to Telugu cinema which the present generation is unaware of. If you look at the old NTR and ANR films, they are comparatively much better than ‘Baahubali’, remember those old films are classics and were made with no computer graphics. You can watch it once!

  • The first part of the epic leaves behind dollops of rip-roaring entertainment to relish till it’s back to finish what it started in perhaps even more jaw-dropping manner. Rajamouli incites such confidence.

  • Scale of ambition: gargantuan. Quality of VFX: out of the ordinary. Content: only occasionally gripping. Final impact: pretty strong.

  • Renuka Vyavahare
    Renuka Vyavahare
    Times Of India


    Touted as one of the most expensive films to be made in India, this highly anticipated part one of the two-part period epic, manages to enthrall you with its sheer scale and grandeur. Painstakingly made, paying acute attention to detail for the minutest of sound and visuals, Rajamouli (Eega, Magadheera) , who spent three years making this ambitious film ensures that the larger-than-life execution matches his grandiose vision.

  • The film, produced by Karan Johar and Anil Thadani, is an adrenaline rush, a spectacle of the kind we haven’t seen from an Indian film-maker before and hopefully it is a sign of good things to come. Rajamouli ends the film with a cliffhanger so that you buy tickets to the sequel that comes out next year.

  • Sarita Tanwar
    Sarita Tanwar
    DNA India


    Bahubali is beyond your imagination – a film that takes Indian cinema to the next level. Don’t miss it.

  • Suhani Singh
    Suhani Singh
    India Today


    In Baahubali, SS Rajamouli manages to break many rules even as he stays close to the formulaic path. The film has all the essential ingredients of a mythical epic.

  • Be it the war sequences, or sword fighting; or a visual spectacle, or pure entertainment, watch Bahubali this weekend. Kudos to the dedication of S S Rajamouli and his leading men, Prabhas & Rana, for spending years putting this film together. Actually, in it’s imagination & Indianness, Bahubali might just be a whole new start.

  • …despite having a first half that is rather slow, and a ballistic second half, a film like BAHUBALI makes you proud that an Indian filmmaker dared to dream big and accomplished it. BAHUBALI is definitely not to be missed. Call it a box-office blockbuster today, but tomorrow, it will be remembered as a classic.

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    Rajamouli clearly has an eye for strong visuals, take the rain soaked action scene for instance, there is some terrific style on display there. Where he falters is when he decides to go by the book and does something commonplace like item numbers.

  • Rachit Gupta
    Rachit Gupta


    Bahubali is truly an epic experience. Had the story not been so jaded, this would’ve gone into the history books as an all-time classic. But that’s not the case. It has its set of storytelling flaws, but even those are overshadowed by Rajamouli’s ideas and execution. This is definitely worthy of being India’s most expensive film. It’s a definite movie watching experience.

  • Epic is an underrated word, used to describe trivial achievements in today’s day and age. In Hollywood, epic is BEN HUR. In Indian cinema, epic can now officially be called BAHUBALI.

  • Suprateek Chatterjee
    Suprateek Chatterjee


    …all said and done, Baahubali: The Beginning is a remarkable achievement. What Rajamouli has pulled off here, despite its flaws, is nothing short of a miracle, especially when you take into account India’s notoriously risk-averse filmmaking environment and when the film ends on a tantalising cliffhanger (paving the way for Baahubali: The Conclusion, due to release next year), once can’t help but applaud his singularly brave vision. As the cliché goes, a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, but it doesn’t really matter if that first step is shaky as long as it lands firmly and confidently.

  • It is to the director’s credit that every aspect of the film — action, mind-boggling set design and choreography — lives up to this epic film of gigantic scale. The choreography in the song that has Shiva disrobing Avantika to get her in touch with her feminine side, is an absolute gem.
    Don’t miss it.

  • With hunky heroes and great battle scenes, SS Rajamouli’s fantasy film is epic…

  • Johnson Thomas
    Johnson Thomas
    The Free Press Journal


    My biggest peeve with this film is the manner in which the characters are drawn- too cartoonish and derived from mainstream Bollywood/Hollywood to curry favor with a discerning audience. Shiva prances about emulating Hrithik and scales mountains and precarious waterfalls a la Tarzan. He is a little too childish to be impressive. The CGI looks fake and for most-times quite unbelievable. the scale of the mounting may be huge but it just doesn’t measure up to reality.

  • Shishir Gautam
    Shishir Gautam


    They say, all’s well that ends well! Bahubali: The Beginning is just that. And as it drives into a perfect end you cannot wait to watch the conclusion of this grand saga that will unfold in a few months from now. Behold, Rajamouli brings us India’s very own combo of Game Of Thrones and Lord of The Rings. Excitement overload!

  • Aparna Mudi
    Aparna Mudi
    Zee News


    This film is worth watching simply to bask in the future of what Indian epics can be portrayed as, if only someone like Rajamouli can have the courage to visualise it! Watch it – you would want to hold your breath for the sequel.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    For the incomparable visuals; for the strong portrayal of women in several roles; for the chiselled Rana Daggubati and Prabhas who look good enough to eat; for the great battle scenes; for the captivating story line; and mostly for your own thorough entertainment. This movie is 100% paisa vasool.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    Without any iota of doubt. Rajamouli’s Baahubali is Indian cinema’s proud. It is almost impossible for a lover of mainstream cinema not to be in awe by this stunningly grandiose mix of action, emotion, drama and magic. Do not miss. Catch this grand spectacle playing at your nearest screen and watch how Rajamouli raises the bar of our cinema scene by scene.

  • Srishti Dixit
    Srishti Dixit
    Bollywood Life


    If you love listening to elaborate stories about heroes and warriors and other such mythical tales, don’t miss Baahubali. And for those who aren’t into content all that much, watch it anyway for it is India’s most expensive film ever!

  • Uday Bhatia
    Uday Bhatia


    That Rajamouli knows his way around VFX was evident in Eega, but he negotiates the massive jump in scale well. Everything is designed for maximum impact—if there are bales of straws, you can be sure they’ll be set on fire so that a chariot can be driven through them. The vistas that unfold have a digitally enhanced grandeur that’s familiar from films such as Troy and Exodus: Gods and Kings, modern versions of the old sword and sandal epics. Bhallala Dev’s chariot even has a whirring scythe attached to it—a little visual tribute to Ben-Hur.

  • The film falters in an inconsistent pace, adding an artificial romance that never really convinces us, and insinuating a jarring item song with dancers that look too modern. The melodramatic scenes involving the mother are also grating on the nerves. The film ends rather abruptly with a message that says …’Conclusion will happen in 2016′. So much for subtlety!

    But there are relatively small faults in a film that overwhelms and entertains through its sheer love for scale and visual wizardry. For the splendid visual feast it offers, and the solid performances, this one comes recommended!

  • As a director Rajamouli has grown leaps and bounds, his work is comparable with the best of talent in the world. His grip and mastery over visuals, VFX, and action episodes is exceptional. But he missed this time as he did not come up with a complete entertainer.

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    With Bahubali, Rajamouli has given us a new epic that generations from now will watch, analyse and appreciate. It not only sets a milestone in visual technique but also establishes a benchmark in storytelling.

  • Ravi Kandala
    Ravi Kandala
    Fully Hyderabad


    There is frankly little point in us recommending (or not recommending) Baahubali – you’ll watch it anyway. But still, here it is – go watch it. Baahubali gets an A+ for intent and an A- for execution, but it is still an A.

  • In the midst of filmmakers who think they’re giving us spectacle by going to virgin foreign locations and shooting mountains and flowers, Rajamouli gives us more… and more. This isn’t just about grandeur in visuals. It’s about grandeur in ideas.

  • …is indeed the grandest and classic film that Indian audience will witness. Exceptionally well executed by S.S. Rajamouli. Right from the story to every location and background score, the dramatic movie will keep you amazed till the end.

  • It is a must watch, though the movie may lack in certain places, the visual extravaganza just cannot be ignored. Prabhas, Rana, Anushka, Ramya and Sathyaraj are some of the reasons why you must just book your tickets and head to theater.

  • Baahubali is a must watch for its grandeur and is definitely a movie to experience in theaters. However, in case of story telling it has nothing to offer as it has a beaten to death revenge drama as its plot. The movie has its share of moments but the problem comes when you wish to watch a Epic from Rajamouli. So folks, set your minds free and fall in love with Baahubali.

  • There are various factors that have made people curiously looked forward for the release of Baahubali. The first and foremost factor is the Director Rajamouli itself. People pinned a lot of hopes on him. He really stood up to the expectations of the audience.

    Generally there will be some minor issues, when a big project is handled. Baahubali has also some minor negative aspects which can be easily ignored, when compared with the work done by the whole team for the film.

  • Baahubali is one film which every Indian movie lover can be extremely proud off. Right from the word go, this visual extravaganza treats you to some never before seen elements in Indian films. Prabhas’s stunning avatar as Baahubali, brilliant art work to some eye topping visuals effects, this film has it all. Genius director Rajamouli, should be lauded and supported for his dedication in taking Telugu cinema to the next level. Finally, if you ignore the predictable story line and keep your expectations in check, Baahubali is bound to entertain you big time.

  • APHerald Team
    APHerald Team
    AP Herald


    Technically, it blasts open the hypotheses of cinema and goes where few have attained earlier. There is enough here that will excite and beatify fans. But there’s also a lot in it that exacerbates normal crowd. For a visually game-changing film, Rajamouli opts for a folklore and love story that are way too common and at times, even moth-eaten. There’s an overall lack of feelings in Baahubali. With that said, maybe a duology is just too much to ask of “Baahubali”, and hopefully Baahubali – the conclusion will be more superior to the part one.

  • ILuvCinema Team
    ILuvCinema Team


    We Have Read ‘KuruKshetra Yuddham’ in Books and Heard it through our Grand/Parents but Rajamouli Witnessed it on Big Screen .. Go Watch for it…Baahubali (Bahubali) is a pride to Indian cinema… Must watch epic drama….

  • Summing it up, Baahubali is a terrific testimony to what Indian films can do in terms of grand and flamboyant film making and would surely be a landmark film in the annals of Indian film history.

  • Surendhar MK
    Surendhar MK


    Despite its shortcomings, Baahubali is a significant marker in Indian film-making and SS Rajamouli’s career for the audacity and unmatched visualization that opens up more avenues for ambitious technicians.

  • S. S. Rajamouli has managed to produce a mighty masterpiece, scaling high in all areas that one can expect him to. If Magadheera was all about his story telling skills, Baahubali is more proof of what he can do with serious technical brilliance at his disposal. This will definitely rank as one of the path-breakers in Indian Cinema and a priceless feather in the caps of all those associated with the movie!

  • To put it bluntly Bahubali is Rajamouli’s weakest script to date! However it is visually mind-boggling that we could excuse some of its shortcomings. Wish Rajamouli comes up with a packed script in the second part. On the box office front, Bahubali – The Beginning will surely shatter the records irrespective of its weak points.

  • As it ends, one hopes that 2016’s Bahubali has none of the above discrepancies and is in true sense of the term India’s answer to Avatar is terms of being a cinematic landmark. For now, this movie is all fluff, that transports you to into another world far-away from yours, done with a lot of help from the VFX team. It is part entertaining, part engaging and part watchable.

  • Ambarish Ganesh
    Ambarish Ganesh


    The first half of the film is laughable. There’s little character and story development, and too much focus on glorifying the heroism of the lead star. It’s the second-half where the film realises its true potential and is truly engaging. As most Telugu films, we are thrown into a flashback sequence where the director has picturised one hell of a war, complete with a whole new wildling army, the action and bloodshed contributing to multiple eyegasms. The fight sequences and stunts are very well choreographed with some really awe-inducing moments. The song and dance sequences only add to the drag, and could’ve been entirely scissored.

  • …is a triumph of size, scale and spectacle. SS Rajamouli’s eye-popping period spectacle raises the bar for the Indian action movie by several notches. Every frame pulsates with the passion of a filmmaker openly staking his claim as the most adventurous soul travelling through mainstream cinema at the moment.